Greater Manchester Chattogram Association

Our Vision

Good relations in a multi-racial, multi-cultural and multi-faith society.

Our Mission

GMCA aims to promote the benefit of the inhabitants of Manchester and the neighborhood, in particular those of Bangladesh origin, without distinction of sex or of political, religious or other opinions. 

Our Services

To promote cultural and social interactions among the members of the Bangladeshi community and all those interested in Bangladeshi culture and heritage.

The journey of Greater Manchester Chottagram Association (GMCA) started from a student house on Farrer Road, long-sight, Manchester in 1995. A group of students and local youths with roots in Chottagram got together to explore and evaluate the possibilities of forming this organisation. Like all other Chottagram Associations around the world and indeed in Bangladesh the idea was to promote the heritage of Chittagong and also to encourage its members regardless of background to take active part in charitable causes at local community level and in Bangladesh. The inaugural function of GMCA was held at long-sight library with the support and blessings of community elders and with our founding Chairman late Al Haj Noor Ahmed at the helm. Like many associations we also faced many challenges throughout our journey, however the enthusiasm for such an organisation has never wained. 27 years on we endeavor to continue this journey with similar core vision to give our members and well wishers a feel of home away from home whilst working to pass on our heritage to our next generation.